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Variant- 3 “Semisolid medicinal forms”

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Variant- 3 “Semisolid medicinal forms”

1. What drugs have fatty material?

a) solid
b) liquid
c) semisolid
d) semiliquid
e) universal
2. Complete the sentence: “An ointment is an unctuous preparation of a … consistence often mixed with some medicament used for application to the skin for medical purposes or as a cosmetic.”
a) soft
b) uniform
c) liquid
d) viscous
e) dense
3. Translate the word “бальзам”
a) ointment
b) wool
c) suppository
d) salve
e) liniments
4. Translate the word “lard”
a) свиное сало
b) бальзам
c) вазелин
d) шерсть
e) жир
5. Find the synonym of word “drug”
a) solid
b) plaster
c) lard
d) wool
e) medicament
6. At what temperature do suppositories melt?
a) at body temperature
b) below zero degrees
c) at 20 degrees
d) above 40 degrees
e) at room temperature
7. Complete the sentence: “All semisolids are used … for local application.”
a) internally
b) orally
c) externally
d) rectal
e) urethral
8. Translate the word “local”
a) внутренний
b) наружный
c) уретральный
d) местный
e) маслянистый
9. Find the common word for this group.
a) salves
b) ointments
c) suppositories
d) plasters
e) semisolids
10. Cross out the extra word.
a) petrolatum b) lard c) wool d) skin e) fat

11. Find the correct spelling.

a) pterolatum
b) petrolatum
c) petrollatum
d) petrolutum
e) petloratum
12. Complete the sentence: “A plaster is a from in which medicinal agents are incorporated in an adhesive base intended for application to the …”
a) lips b) nails c) hair d) skin e) eyes
13. Translate the word “мягкий”
a) thick b) adhesive c) local d) soft e) rectal
14. Cross out the extra word
a) heal b) sooth c) external d) melt e) mollify
15. Find the synonym of word “sooth”
a) melt b) mix c) incorporate d) heal e) mollify
16. Complete the sentence: “A liniment is a preparation of a consistency thinner than an … applied to the skin with friction.”
a) ointment
b) salve
c) plaster
d) pill
e) suppository
17. What semisolid is a from in which medicinal agents are incorporated in an adhesive base?
a) a salve
b) an ointment
c) a plaster
d) a liniment
e) a suppository
18. Translate the word “application”
a) цель b) кожа c) мазь d) применение e) свеча
19. Find the correct spelling
a) fricstion b) frection c) firction d) fricktion e) friction
20. Cross out the extra word
a) rectal b) urethral c) anodyne d) vaginal e) external
Variant -4 “At a chemist’s”
1. Which word is the common one for this group of words?
а) chemist`s department
b) at a chemist`s
c) prescription department
d) drug cabinets
e) medical items
2. Which word belongs to the noun in this group of words?

  1. major

  2. medication

  3. medical

  4. medicinal

  5. medicationaly

3. Which word is the common one for this group of words?

  1. remedy

b) chemist’s shop
c) ready-made drugs
d) chemist’s department
e) prescription department

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