8 – сынып оқушыcына арналған нұсқаулық парағы Date: 17

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Lesson 4 grade 8 (1)

8 – сынып оқушыcына арналған нұсқаулық парағы
Date: 17_01.23.
Lesson number: 4



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Theme of the lesson:

Narrative sequencing words


You will be able to improve your reading and speaking skills and choose the best answer to the questions; describe the story using sequence words

Іс-әрекет тәртібі

Оқушыларға арналған іс - әрекет


1.'Once upon a time~' is a great example of sequence words.
'First' and 'today' are great examples of sequence words found at the beginning of a story. These words are signals that tell you a story is starting.
'Then', 'later', 'after' and 'suddenly' are sequence words that might be found in the middle of a story. They signal that a new event is being described.
'Finally' is an example of a sequence word that marks the end of a story.
2. Page 56 Read the text “To the Sea” and translate into Kazakh

Жауап бер

Page 55 ex. 8 What type of narrative is the extract?


Жұмыс дәптеріне орында:

Page 57 exercise 4 a, b

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