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Практическая значимость заключается в том, что данные могут быть использованы в детских садах и в классах предшкольной подготовки для улучшения успеваемости левшей.

Relevance: This topic seemed relevant not only for me , because I am left-handed, but also for many other people. I found out that in total in the world more than 20% of people are left-handed. I became interested in the reasons why people are divided into left-handed and right-handed?
The purpose of the study: To find out how this feature affects my character and abilities, as well as to study the nature of the differences between right-handed people.
Research objectives: To consider historical facts and study the nature of the origin of left-handedness
1. To find out if it is possible that right-handedness is just the result of training. Conduct an experiment to determine this hypothesis.
2. Find out what influences the choice of the leading hand by studying the physiological characteristics of left-handed and right-handed people
3. Conduct a study to identify lefties among classmates.
4. Conduct an analysis of academic performance in the classroom.
5. Build applications. ; make a list of famous and brilliant left–handed people.
Subject of research: left-handedness
The object of research: Me, my relatives and classmates
Research methods:
- observation
- analysis
-collection of statistical data
- generalization of data
My hypotheses:

  1. The causes of left-handedness are scientifically proven.

  2. Right–handedness is the result of training and traditions.

  3. The leading hand of a person is determined by his brain. Left-handedness is connected with a more developed left, and right-handedness is connectedwith the right one.

4. There may be hidden lefties among my classmates.
5. Left-handedness affects school performance.
6. It is difficult for a left-handed child to live in a right-handed world

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