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умк ин.яз A1-A2 -казахша ЖАУРОВА А.Б.

Дополнительные выражения

  • I’m usually calm/emotional/active… – Я обычно спокойная, эмоциональная, активная…

  • to lose one’s temper – потерять самообладание

  • to have a sense of humor – иметь чувство юмора

  • to set high goals – ставить высокие цели

  • to reach – достигать

  • a surgeon – хирург

  • to work overtime – работать сверхурочно

  • а bread-maker – кормилец

  • to be fond of – нравиться, любить

  • to graduate from the University – заканчивать университет

  • in my opinion – по моему мнению

  • to take photos – фотографировать

  • from time to time – время от времени

  • diverse – разнообразный

  • charitable – доброжелательный

  • frankness – откровенность, искренность, прямота

  • politeness – вежливость, учтивость, обходительность

  • handsome – красивый (о мужчине)

  • sociable – общительный

  • slim – стройный, изящный

  • pretty – хорошенькая, симпатичная (о женщине)

  • elegant – элегантный

  • smart – хорошо одетый, модный, изящный

  • senior – старший, старше

Read and translate the text.

About myself”
My name is Anar Armanova. I am Kazakh. I was born on May 5, 1982 in the Atyrau region. Two years ago our family moved , Atyrau to where I live now together with my parents. My father is a doctor, he works at a hospital. My mother is a housewife. She has much work to do about the house. We are five in the family. I have a young sister and a brother. They are both pupils. Marzhan is in the fifth form and Zhanar is a pupil of the ninth form. Our family is very united. In May I finished school No 1 in , Atyrau I always did well at school and learned with great interest. I also took an active part in social life, attended sport sections and subject circles.
My favourite subject at school was Literature. Math and physics came easy to me too. I was on the top of the list in our class in these subjects but they were not so interesting to me. I also liked English. I’d like to learn some other European languages to communicate with people from
different countries. I’m quite sociable and easy to deal with. I have many friends with whom
we spend much time together. I can add that I’m energetic, rather intelligent; patient, calm and never lose my temper. I love animals and children. My hobby is collecting badges.
My ambition is to become a good expert in languages. This year I’ve left school. Now I’m a first-year student of , Atyrau State University, Philological Department. You see, my biography isn’t long. I can only add that I’m fond of reading books on history and I’m keen on sports. I’ve got the first category in volleyball and have many friends among sportsmen. I also like shaping. It helps me to keep fir.

1.Answer the following questions:

1. What is your name? / Who are you?

2. Where and when were you born?
3. How old are you?
4. Are you Kazakh?
5. Have you got a family?
6. How any are you in the family?
7. What relationships do you have in the family (parents, sisters,
brothers, grandparents, etc.)?
8. Where do you live? / What’s your permanent address?
9. Do you work? / What do you do?
10. When do you finish school?
11. What was your favourite subject?
12. Do you like to read?
13. Who is your favourite writer?
14. What sport do you go in for?
15. What are you going to be?
16. Do you know about the difficulties of your future profession?

2. Make up your own sentences using underlining word –

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