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VII. Find and correct the mistakes

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VII. Find and correct the mistakes.

  1. There is shops everywhere.

  2. At baker’s you can buy loafs of breads.

  3. Greengrocer’s shops supplies us with fruits and vegetable.

  4. Usually people buy foods at supermarkets.

  5. The food are cheaper in supermarkets than in small shops.

  6. The farmers can sold vegetables and fruits at the market.

  7. If you want to buy a trousers and a jeans go to the ready-make clothes department.

  8. There has appeared a lot of boutiques recently.

  9. Boutiques are very popular with people which is interested in the latest fashion.

  10. At the perfumery department the customers can buy a shampoo, a washing powder.

Exercise 1. Complete the sentences using either the Infinitive or Gerund. Insert prepositions if necessary.

  1. He used ... (think) that life ended at 40, but now when he’s 41, he knows it’s not true.

  2. ... (make) such a terrible noise!

  3. It’s five in the morning. I’m not used ... (get) up this early,

  4. It’s impossible... (cut) with this knife. It’s blunt.

  5. My father enjoys ... (listen) to jazz music.

  6. I’m sorry... (hear) that your mother isn’t well.

  7. Harry looked so funny that I couldn’t help ... (laugh).

  8. I couldn’t help them ... (find) what they were looking for as I was in too much of a hurry.

  9. I’d like... (cook) something special when guests come.

  10. What do you feel like... (do) tonight?

  11. My dad promised ... (buy) me a bike if I passed my exams well.

  12. I hate... (wait) in queues. It really annoys me.

  13. I looked forward ... (see) you again soon.

  14. It’s difficult ... (concentrate) when there’s loud playing on the radio.

  15. We stopped for a while ... (admire) the scenery.

  16. He can’t afford ... (hire) a taxi every day.

  17. Is it worth ... (run) such an awful risk?

  18. Would you mind ... (fetch) another chair?

  19. I offered ... (pay) for the meal, but she refused.

  20. I’m sorry... (disturb) you, but could you tell me the time?

  21. My younger sister can’t stop... (eat) sweets.

  22. He dislikes... (spend) money on car repairs.

  23. I remember... (go) to Venice as a child.

  24. ... (call) Mike

  25. I suggested ... (call) a taxi so we wouldn’t be late.

  26. I can’t stand ... (wait) in queues.

  27. There used to ... (be) a cinema in our village but it closed down three years ago.

  28. He is Spanish so he’s used ... (drive) on the right.

  29. Did you remember ... (send) your sister a card? It’s her birthday today.

  30. Have you tried ... (read) a book to help you to sleep?

  31. Nowadays I’m used... (go) to bed early.

  32. He’ll never forget ... (see) the Grand Canyon for the first time.

  33. He offered ... (drive) me to the airport.

  34. I’ll stop ... (lend) you money if you waste it on cigarettes.

  35. Maya stopped ... (tie) her shoelace.

  36. John suggested ... (go) together in one car.

  37. Will you stop ... (make) so much noise, boys?

  38. It’s difficult to get used ... (sleep) in a tent after having a soft, comfortable bed to lie on.

  39. Linda offered ... (look after) my cat while I was out of town.

  40. Could you please stop... (whistle)! I’m trying ... (concentrate) on my work.


Exercise 2. Select the gerund or infinitive from the brackets.

I am planning … (to visit/visiting) my granny next week. When they finish … (to eat/eating) their lunch, they’ll go to the office. He suggested … (to buy/buying) some food.
Does Sally enjoy … (to go/going) to the gym? Don’t put off … (to write/writing) a report till the end of the month. John refused … (to answer/answering) my question. My brother intends … (to get/getting) married soon.
Fred can’t afford … (to travel/travelling) this year.
Mary decided … (to fly/flying) to Venice.
The sportsmen hope … (to get/getting) the best results.
Are you going to give up … (to smoke/smoking)?
They don’t want … (to have/having) any more children.
I don’t mind … (to wash up/washing up).
Girls, stop … (to giggle/giggling). Ben likes … (to play/playing) chess.
Lara goes … (to dance/dancing) every weekend. (Лара ходит на танцы каждые выходные.)
Harry can’t stand … (to work/working) on Saturdays. (Гарри не выносит работы по субботам.)

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