Календарно-тематическое планирование на умк family and Friends 1

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КТП 2 кл Family and friends 2022-2023

Have you got a milkshake?
Yes, I have / No, I haven’t
Has he got fries?
Yes, he has / No, he hasn’t

Consonant blends:
gr br fr
gr: grass grapes
br: brush bread
fr: frog ehavio

Reading: a caption story (reading and understanding a caption story; finding specific information in a text)
Listening: identifying which food items are available in a shop
Speaking: Have you got apples? Yes, we have. (asking and answering questions about what someone has got)
Writing: question marks and full stops; Workbook – writing about my lunch (guided writing)

Healthy food
(understanding that some foods are healthy & others are unhealthy)

Safety at school
(noticing safety hazards in the classroom)
Sharing with people at school

We’ve got English!



School subjects
Core: art, maths, English, science, PE, music

School rooms
Core: playground, sports field, art room, computer room
Extra: our, their, time, wear, paint, headphones, speak, study, read, primary, lesson, break time learn

What have we got on Monday?

We’ve got science

When have we got PE?


Consonant blends:
Dr tr cr
Dr: drum dress
Tr: truck tree
Cr: crayon crab

Reading: a description on a webpage (reading and understanding a webpage; finding specific details in a text)
Listening: identifying school rooms from their descriptions (numbering pictures in the correct order)
Speaking: What have we got in the art room? We’ve got… (asking and answering questions about different rooms in a school)
Writing: capital letters; Workbook – writing about my school subjects (guided writing)

Let’s play after school!



After-school activities
Core: help my mum, do my homework, visit my grandma, go swimming, have a music lesson, watch TV, listen to music, play with friends, read a book, write an email
Extra: how about, well, after, a lot, on my own, cook (v), stories, CD, sport

I visit my grandma every Tuesday

I go swimming every Thursday

I don’t watch TV

Consonant blends:
fl pl bl

Fl: flower flat

Pl: plum plate
Bl: blanket blue

Reading: information texts (reading and understanding a class poster; matching children with their after-school activities)
Listening: identifying after-school activities (choosing which activities children take part in)
Speaking: / read a book. I don’t ride a bike, (talking about which after-school activities you do)
Writing: verbs; Workbook – writing about what I do after school (guided writing)

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