Календарно-тематическое планирование на умк family and Friends 1

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КТП 2 кл Family and friends 2022-2023

Help your family
(respecting the needs of others)

Fluency Time! 2



Project: a market stall

Review 2


Revision of vocabulary and structures from Units 1-6

Let’s buy presents!



Special days
Core: chocolate, sweets, balloon, present, cake, card, ehavior, pastries,
nuts, tie
Extra: birthday, tomorrow, scared of, asleep, someone, or, take off, outside, sky, in half, think about, front, smile (n), everything, give

What do you like?
I like / don’t like balloons.

What does he like?
He likes/doesn’t like chocolate.

Consonant blends:
Cl gl sl
Cl: cloud

Gl: gloves glue

Sl: slide slippers

Reading: instructions on making a card (reading and following instructions; finding specific information in a text)

Listening: identifying suitable presents (matching people with the correct present)
Speaking: What does he like? He likes tennis, (asking questions about likes and dislikes)
Writing: long and short forms; Workbook – writing about presents (guided writing)

Be good at the party!
(playing co-operatively & being
aware of other


What’s the time?



Everyday activities
Core: get up, have breakfast, go to school, go home, have dinner, go to bed

Times of the day
Core: in the morning, in the afternoon, in the evening, at night
Extra: brush my teeth, goodnight, time for, get dressed, cereal, go by bus, so, plane

What’s the time?
Its seven o’clock
He gets up at six o’clock

Consonant blends:
Sm sn ehav
Sm: smile small
Sn: snow snake
St: stairs star
Sk: sky skates

Reading: information texts (reading and understanding a text about someone’s daily routine; finding specific details in a text)
Listening: listening for times and activities (drawing the times when people do certain activities)
Speaking: He has breakfast, (talking about what someone does at different times of day) Writing: identifying Wh- questions; Workbook – writing about my day (guided writing)

Personal hygiene
(understanding & maintaining good personal hygiene)
Respecting the needs of other people

Where does she work?



Core: hospital, school, airport, police station, fire station, shop, station, zoo, supermarket, bank
Extra: work (v), fantastic, place, thing, out and about, dark, shopping (n), at the moment, cute, feed, vegetable, job

Where does she work?
She works in a bank.
Does she work in a shop?
Yes, she does. / No, she doesn't.

Long vowels:
A + magic e
Lake face
Gate plane

Reading: a magazine interview (reading and understanding an interview about someone's job)
Listening: listening for details in an interview (choosing the correct information)
Speaking: What are Peter’s favourite animals? (asking and answering questions about a job)
Writing: using commas with and in lists; Workbook – writing about where my family works (guided writing)

All jobs are important
(understanding that people in a community have different jobs)

Fluency Time! 3

Making Plans


Project: a mini book

Review 3


Revision of vocabulary & structures from Units 1-9

It’s hot today!



Core: raining, windy, hot, cold, snowing, sunny

Weather activities
Core: fly a kite, make a snowman, wear coats, go outside
Extra: weather, like (prep), sun hat. Catch, quick, key, wet, high up, all together, news, warm, raincoat, sun, sunglasses, fly away, be careful, get wet, keep

What’s the weather like?
It’s windy/ raining/hot.
Put on / don’t put on your coat.

Long vowels:
i+magic e

bike white

kite line

Reading: a weather report (reading and understanding a weather report; matching images with information in a text)
Listening: identifying the weather at certain times from the weather report (choosing the correct option)
Speaking: It’s Monday. What’s the weather like? (talking about weather on different days) Writing: verbs and adjectives; Workbook – writing about the weather (guided writing)

Let’s look after our world
(understanding what improves & harms the environment)

Dressing appropriately to stay healthy outdoors

What are you wearing?



Core: skirt, scarf, gloves, jeans, boots, shirt

Core: o’clock, quarter past, half past, quarter to
Extra: people, platform, here comes…, slow, hurry up, coach, pass by, wave (v), get on, sit down, seaside, town

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