Код модулі: эг1 Модуль атауы:Әлеуметтік -гуманитарлық Пән атауы

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Brif description:
Studies the subject and tasks of zoology. It is based on the role of animals in the biosphere and human life. Regularities of the development of science and the main stages. Classification of animals. The basic principles of the macrosystem. Characteristics of animal organization levels: cellular, tissue. Systematics, structure, ontogenesis, ecology of types.
Learning outcomes:
must know a certain minimum of necessary theoretical knowledge on zoology of invertebrates, structural features, phylogenetic connections and the systematic position of animals;
apply the knowledge gained to solve scientific, industrial and practical problems;
Possess methods of collecting and cameral processing of collected material, anatomize animals, make sketches, especially with microscopy and dissection;
Analyze the studied material, identify the most characteristic morphological
 Formed competencies: knowledge of pedagogical goals, knowledge and skills of designing and implementing a single pedagogical project.
Zoology of piraeus, features of the zodiac building, phylogenetic connections, systematic place.
In theory, the features of building invertebrates on the subject of zoology of vertebrates, phylogenetic relations and a systematic place of travel are taught.

Модуль коды: ТАЖ-5
Модуль атауы: Тірі организмдердің жіктелуі
Пән атауы: Өсімдіктер систематикасы
Пререквизиттері: Өсімдіктер анатомиясы мен морфологиясы Постреквизиттері: Өсімдіктер физиологиясы

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