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are just some of the things that really make us happy and give us the strength to keep moving forward. The tables, diagrams

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are just some of the things that really make us happy and give us the strength to keep moving forward. The tables, diagrams, 

figures and quotations below show personal results of our friendly PetroKazakhstan team.

“Getting married is a serious 

step and, of course, a very happy 

event! We have some great 

plans, goals and hopes, which 

we will achieve together, hand 

in hand. What awaits is the 

hard work of building a happy 

and prosperous family, and we 

are looking forward to doing it 


Tairov family, pKOSI

“The birth of a son was a wonderful 

moment in our large family. I felt a 

whole range of emotions - real family 

happiness. You can’t put into words how 

happy I was the first time I held son in 

my hands - I felt tenderness and at the 

same time timidity. Becoming a father 

is a great responsibility and I have to be 

an example to my son, his teacher and 


Aidos Kazankapov, pKKR

“Our story is doubly interesting as I met 

my husband Valikhan Nurzhaupov 

in China when we were studying on 

PetroKazakhstan’s Kyzylorda Oblast 

Scholarship Programme, and now we 

are a family. With the birth of Aisha, my 

world has changed. My attitude to things 

has changed, I see things that I never 

used to notice. What could be better 

than a baby holding out her hands and 


Elmira Orazaliyeva, pKKR

“In May we went on cost 

engineer vocational training 

courses following Kazakhstan’s 

introduction of a new 

resource method of estimating 

construction costs, replacing 

the old basic index method. 

The new method makes it 

easier to estimate and control 

contractor building costs at 

each stage against real prices 

for building resources, such as 

working hours, machinery and 

mechanism operating hours

and construction materials. 

Overall, it helps clients plan 

construction better based 

on more accurate budget 


Olga Marchenko, pKOp

Got married 

newborn children 

“Studying Chinese has helped 

me understand the Chinese 

culture as I began to talk to 

my colleagues from China in 

their language and learn a lot 

about this most mysterious of 

countries. As a result, I spent   

my last vacation in China. A 

foreign language really does 

help you understand other 


МҰНАЙШЫ'>Azamat Gimranov, 



Желтоқсан 2015


“We took training in “Modern 

practices in the international oil 

and gas business” in Qingdao, 

a city that amazed us with its 

distinctiveness, a mixture of modern 

architecture and old buildings 

remaining from German colonial 

times. Of course, our first impression 

of China immediately changed our 

understating about this country of 

flying daggers. The city was spotless, 

the roads were excellent and the 

plants and flowers colourful.

Another interesting aspect about 

Qingdao is the China University of 

Petroleum with its modern facilities 

and training opportunities in oil 

production, processing and onshore 

and offshore transportation. The 

university’s technical science 

professors and doctors are young and have great potential, and they tried to get across not only the technical issues in their lectures, 

but also historical facts behind the development of the global oil industry.”

Group of employees who studied in Qingdao, pKOSI

“The Corporate Games are a great spectacle. At the 

chess competition, which was part of the V Anniversary 

Games for employees of the KazMunaiGas Refining and 

Marketing group of companies, where I represented the 

refinery and came second, the best moment was during my 

game against Kazakhstan fast chess champion Aigerim 

Alpysbayeva when we began to play the rapid system.

Marzhan Kulekeyeva, pKOp

“It’s wonderful that our company pays so much attention to a 

healthy way of life. We have football, volleyball, basketball, mini-

football, chess and table tennis competitions throughout the many 

PetroKazakhstan fields. Sport doesn’t only make you healthy, it puts 

you in a great mood, helps you communicate with others and find 

friends. Competition among the five or six teams from PKKR and its 

contractors is always really fierce and it takes a lot of skill to win.”

Bolat Mukhamedov, pKKR

Self-development is, without doubt, one of the keys to success, including at work. This year, a number 

of our people obtained a second education or professional qualification themselves. Some took 

vocational training organised by the company, while more than 120 employees are learning foreign 


studied in china 

A healthy body is a healthy spirit. PetroKazakhstan employees recognised a long time ago that sport helps in work and in personal life. In 

2015, nearly 1,200 people took part in various competitions, 43 of which were held by PKKR alone!


Желтоқсан 2015      



1 October - the South Kazakhstan Oblast 

Akim and PKOP management signed an 

annual Memorandum of cooperation worth 

KZT 150 million. The funds linked to the 

Memorandum, which has been signed for the 

9th consecutive year, will be used to realise 

infrastructure and other socially important 

projects in the region.

7 October - as part of the traditional 

autumn games, the Kumkol field hosted a 

table tennis competition for PKKR second 

shift divisions and contractors. First place 

went to GUP Head Viktor Paisker, 2nd place 

- Almas Pazylov (Syrdariya Nefteservice), 3rd 

- GUP Electrician Bolat Mukhamedov.

8 October - PetroKazakhstan invited 

more than 130 PKKR veterans to a day for 

the elderly at its sport’s complex. The guests 

were congratulated by Trade Union Head 

Yeleusin Duisenov and the Head of the 

Council of PKKR Veterans Barlybai Bimanov. 

Company management and the Trade Union 

Committee gave out PetroKazakhstan 

Labour veteran awards and material aid as 

per collective agreements.

9-13 October - the Kazhymukan sport’s 

hall at the Aryskum field hosted a billiards 

competition for PKKR and contractor 

employees. First place went to CPF Supervisor 

Samat Bekenov, 2nd - IT specialist Gabit 

Nurkozha, and 3rd - Fire Safety Department 

driver Shakhmardan Zhunusov, all of whom 

received diplomas and prizes from PKKR JSC.

20 October - the Kazaly district of 

Kyzylorda Oblast saw the traditional 

autumn games for children at the Shapagat 

rehabilitation centre, this year under the 

title “Health in Movement!”. Gifts for the 

children were provided by the event’s 

sponsor Kolzhan LLP, which is a part of the 

PetroKazakhstan group of companies.

21-24 October - seven teams took part 

in an autumn volleyball competition for our 

production divisions and their contractors 

(first shift) at Kumkol field’s Vakhta-40 

sport’s complex. First place went to the 

team from the Kutkarushy contractor, 

2nd place - the team from the Production 

Department, and 3rd place - the GUP team. 

All winners received diplomas and prizes.

27 October - Almaty played host to the 

IX Annual ‘Altyn Zhurek’ Charity Awards 

Ceremony, where PetroKazakhstan 

Kumkol Resources JSC was nominated.


3-5 November - Kumkol held its 

autumn volleyball competition for PKKR 

second shift divisions. Eight teams took 

part and 1st place went to the team from 

KNEK, 2nd - Production Shop-1, and 3rd - 

Tuzkol. The competition referee, Saltanat 

Yeszhanova, a Production Shop Engineer 

received a prize for her efforts and Saulet 

Seitov from Central Asia Service group LLP, 

Tuzkol paramedic received a prize for best 


5 November - The Shymkent Refinery 

was visited by a delegation headed by Vice-

Minister for Energy M.Mirzagaliyev and 

Parliament deputies. A roundtable attended 

by local media was held as part of the 

event. The delegates discussed topics such 

as fuel quality, the ecological issue with 

respect to oil refining, and future additions 

to legislation around the handling of 

petroleum products.

6 November - management of PKOP, the 

Atyrau Oil Refinery, Pavlodar Petrochemical 

Plant, KazMunaiGas-Aero, CASPI BITUM JV, 

KazMunaiGas, KMG Onimderi, KMG RM 

attended a working meeting chaired by the 

General Director of KMG RM D.Tiyessov 

with contractors to discuss the status of the 

PKOP Modernization Project and KMG RM 

results for the first 9 months of 2015. After 

the meeting, Shymkent Refinery employees 

were congratulated on the 30th anniversary 

of the refinery and received certificates of 

merit to commemorate the event.

14 November - the PetroKazakhstan 

sport’s complex hosted a mini-football 

competition for representatives of the 

media in honour of First President of 

Kazakhstan’s Day and 550 years of the 

Kazakh Khanate. Seven teams from local 

newspapers and television channels took 

part in the competition. First place went to 

the oblast television channel Kazakhstan-

Kyzylorda, beating the Sobkorr team in the 

final. The competition was sponsored by 

PKKR, who provided the hall and Kolzhan 

LLP, who provided the prizes.


12-16 December - on the eve of the New 

Year festivities, PKKR will be organising 

its traditional distribution of food parcels 

to company pensioners and people who 

suffered injuries at work.

cAlenDAR oF events

Шымкент зауытының 30 жылдық мерейтойын тойлау кезінде / На праздновании 30-летнего юбилея Шымкентского НПЗ / 

At the celebration of the 30th anniversary of the Shymkent Refinery 


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