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RESUME Narzulla Akbota Sunnetullakyzy

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Нарзулла А.С. Диссертация
Жеміс жидектер
Narzulla Akbota Sunnetullakyzy
Topic of the master's thesis "The problem of morality in fiction"
Direction of training scientific and pedagogical: 7M01701 - "Kazakh language and literature"
Structure and Scope of the thesis: consists of an introduction, three chapters, conclusion and list of references.
Number of sources used: 53
The relevance of the research topic was determined by the consideration and analysis of moral problems in fiction, such as good and evil, human dignity, conscience, friendship and betrayal; revealing the problems of justice, dignity and virtue among literary heroes; increasing interest in the spiritual and moral state of modern society, the problems of moral education of adults and young generation.
The research was carried out at the intersection of several directions: the analysis of the artistic creativity of representatives of classical literature in the field of moral education and the solution of moral, moral and ethical problems (the creative heritage of A. Kunanbayev, I. Altynsarin); the identification of revealed moral problems and moral ideals in modern literature (the works of T. Akhtanov); the consideration of the psychological and pedagogical foundations of the process of moral education and the analysis of methods for solving moral problems in the educational process of young people.
The purpose and objectives of the research: to identify the main moral problems reflected in the field of fiction; to search for methods of moral education in modern society; to consider moral problems in the artistic work of Abay Kunanbayev, Y. Altynsarin and modern writers; to reveal the manifestations of selfishness and morality in the story of T. Akhtanov "the sadness of love"; to consider the problems of human conscience, civic duty in the story of T. Akhtanov "the lost friend".
- To get acquainted with the literature related to the research topic, to conduct their scientific and methodological analysis;
- To reveal many moral, spiritual and social problems of the individual and society as a whole
- Study of the psychological and pedagogical foundations of moral education of schoolchildren through training;

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