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Reading: Read the text carefully and do the tasks on the text correctly

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Reading: Read the text carefully and do the tasks on the text correctly. 
The Joy and Enthusiasm of Reading 
I believe in the absolute and unlimited liberty of reading. I believe in wandering 
through the huge stacks of books and picking out the first thing that strikes me. I 
believe in choosing the hardest book imaginable. I believe in reading what others 
have to say about this difficult book, and then making up my own mind, agreeing 
or disagreeing with what I have read and understood. 
What Mr. Buxton did not tell me was what the play meant. He left the 
conclusions to me. The situation was much the same with my history teacher in 
11th grade, Mr. Flanders, who encouraged me to have my own relationship with 
historical events and my own attitude to them. He often quoted famous historians 
in the process. All the works I read were open texts. It was an exciting experience. 
Besides, I got familiar with wonderful works of literary criticism. 
No doubt they arrived at these beliefs through their own adventures in the 
stacks. Perhaps their adventures were not so exciting or romantic. And these are 
important questions for philosophers of every character. But yet I know only what 
joy and enthusiasm about reading have taught me, in bookstores new and used. 
They have taught me not to be afraid of something new, unusual or 
non*traditional, not to deny it but embrace it and try to understand even if you 
cannot agree with it. Not to stay within the boundaries but always seek for 
something new and enjoy every second of this creative process and be happy every 
time you get some result, no matter how positive or negative. You could spend a 
lifetime thinking about a sentence, and making it your own. In just this way, I 
believe in the freedom to see literature, history, truth, unfolding ahead of me like a 
book whose spine has just now been cracked. 
1 You could spend … 
F) time where you can buy books 
G) a lifetime where you can read and books 
H) a Library thinking about a sentence 
I) a lifetime thinking about a sentence + 
J) a Reading Hall thinking about a sentence 
2 Huge stacks of books means… 
k) much books 
l) any books 
m) too many books + 
n) little books 
o) to take books 

3 The unlimited liberty of reading for the narrator mean… 
a) access to different types of books. 
b) freedom in choosing and interpreting books + 
c) possibility to challenge other opinions on the book. 
d) opportunity to select what to read according to the mood. 
e) chance to select what to read according to the mood 
4 I got familiar with … 
j) wonderful work of literate criticism
k) wonderful works of literary criticism + 
l) wonderful arts of literary criticism
m) wondering works of literary critics 
n) wonderful stacks of literary writers 
5 False statement 
k) They have taught me to be afraid of something new, unusual or traditional + 
l) They have taught me not to be afraid of something new, unusual or non 
m) They have taught me not to deny it but embrace it 
n) Try to understand even if you cannot agree with it. 
o) Not to stay within the boundaries but always seek for something new. 
6 True statement 
k) But I know only what negative about reading have taught me. 
l) They have taught me to be afraid of something new, usual or traditional 
m) To deny it but embrace it and try to understand even if you cannot agree. 
n) To stay within the boundaries but always seek for something new. 
o) You could spend a lifetime thinking about a sentence. + 
7 Making up my own mind means…. 
k) To make up 
l) To decide + 
m) To mind 
n) To change
o) To conduct 
8 Not to stay within the boundaries but always…. 
f) seek something new and enjoy every second the little
g) and enjoy every second of this creative process 
h) be happy every time you some result, 
i) no matter how positive or negative. 
j) seek for something new and enjoy every second + 
9 Left the conclusions means… 
k) to remain 
l) to guess 
m) to express opinion 
n) to finish 
o) to summarize + 
10 The story is about… 
a) the unlimited liberty of reading + 

b) a) an access to different types of books. 

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