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The writer implies that her family

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The writer implies that her family

  1. find it hard to agree on anything.

  2. all have very different personalities.

  3. don’t usually fight over things.

  4. don’t care about each other’s feelings.

  1. The writer thinks her daughter’s ambition to go to India is

  1. not as strong as she claims.

  2. amusing in a girl her age.

  3. strange for someone like her.

  4. a secret she should have shared.

  1. The writer implies that

  1. her son refuses to go with them.

  2. the others try to make her agree.

  3. nobody is really happy with the idea.

  4. she gets the others to agree.

  1. Why does the writer put back the clothes her husband chooses?

  1. She doesn’t like what she wears.

  2. He forgets to choose things for her.

  3. He can’t decide what to take.

  4. The clothes aren’t suitable.

  1. The writer implies that

  1. it’s not far from her house to the airport.

  2. they would be late if she didn’t make a fuss.

  3. airports are usually badly designed.

  4. people should go on holiday more often.

  1. The writer thinks she is different from some other people because she

  1. finds flying an enjoyable experience.

  2. doesn’t worry about problems.

  3. understands what pilots face.

  4. doesn’t care about other passengers.

  1. The writer thinks that her family

  1. try to stop her from relaxing on holiday.

  2. don’t recognize her when she’s on holiday.

  3. don’t need her as much as they think.

  4. ignore her unless they need something.

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