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Find phrases above which mean:
a. Everything paid for before you go.
b. Go places that most people don’t go to.
c. Travel without spending much money.

Ex. 18. Look at the words below. They are all connected with ways of travelling. Match them to the different ways of travelling listed below:
hiking flying swimming cycling
horse riding going by train
a. saddle gallop rein hoof
b. boots map compass hills
c. saddle gears handlebars pedal
d. crawl lengths goggles breaststroke
e. platform ticket timetable carriage
f. check in luggage runway departure lounge

Ex.19. Put the correct verb of movement in each of the expressions below. Change the form if necessary:

fly drive sail
1 The cruise ship set ______________ for the Caribbean last Tuesday.
2 Time just ____________ by. Soon we had to leave.
3 What are you ____________ at? I can’t see your point.
4 Their youngest child is uncontrollable. He just ____________ into a rage at the slightest thing.
5 She’s so intelligent. She just ____________ through all her exams.
6 The long wait for news almost ____________ her out of her mind with worry.
7 John’s annoying behaviour is ____________ me mad.
8 Everything he says ____________ in the face of all common sense. If he comes to power, it will be a disaster.

Ex. 20. Read the advertisements and substitute the words in brackets with words from the list.
peaceful overpriced cloudless modern uncomfortable
Are you looking for sandy beaches, sparkling waters and …. (clear) skies without the bother of …. (expensive) hotels or …. (rough) campsites? If so, you’ll love the Sunnnyside self-catering apartments near the town of Torremolinos. The cosy apartments are situated on the … (quiet) seafront on the outskirts of this delightful resort and are fully-equipped with …. (new) cooking and washing facilities. Make this summer one to remember – come over to the Sunnyside.

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