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welcoming elegant spacious luxurious delicious

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welcoming elegant spacious luxurious delicious
Business or pleasure? The …. (high class and expensive) Chester Hotel in the heart of Bangkok offers visitors to this exotic city the opportunity to relax in style. Whether you wish to rest in our … (large) and …. (beautiful) rooms, dine on …. (tasty) cuisine in our exclusive restaurant or unwind in a relaxing sauna, the Chester will cater for you every need. Every year, thousands of visitors choose to stay in these stylish and …. (friendly) surroundings, so this year, why don’t you?

bottomless endless vast towering unpolluted
The Kingsbrook campsite in the Rocky Mountains is a must for all adventurous nature lovers who long to escape to a land of …. (very long) rivers, …. (very deep) lakes, …. (very tall) mountains and colossal cliffs. The helpful staff, washing facilities and shop also mean that you don’t even need to venture into town during your stay. Situated in one of the few …. (very big) undeveloped areas in the world, with clean fresh air and … (clean) water, the Kingsbrook experience is definitely one not to be missed.

Ex. 21. Read and act out the dialogues.

  • Hello, Helen! You seem to have a lot of luggage with you. Don’t you want a porter for your case?

  • I’d rather not. It’s not heavy.

  • Going far?

  • All the way. I’m going to Kiev.

  • Got a sleeper?

  • No.

  • You ought to have a sleeper going all the way like that. Two nights on a train. It’s no joke.

  • It took us a lot of time to get our luggage through the Customs, didn’t it?

  • Oh, yes. I hate the Customs formalities.

  • Now let’s forget all about it and have a good rest. Do you mind sitting in these deck-chairs?

  • Not at all. I generally prefer to stay on deck. It’s always so stuffy in those cabins.

  • Sure. Is this your first trip to France?

  • No. I’ve been there before.

  • I’m afraid the crossing might be rough.

  • I don’t think so. The sun is shining brightly and there is no wind.

  • Have you got any vacant rooms?

  • Single or double, sir?

  • Two double rooms, please.

  • You are lucky, we’ll be able to put you up. A group of tourists has just left the hotel. Which floor would you like, sir?

  • It’s all the same to us if the lift is in order.

  • It has been out of order for a week. But I hope it’ll be all right now. Which floor have you decided on?

  • We’ll take rooms on the fifth floor. How much are they?

  • Fifty dollars a night, sir.

  • O.K. The price is reasonable. We’ll take these rooms.

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