Практикум по культуре речевого общения (английский язык как второй иностранный) Учебное пособие

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Rabota Posobie PKRO 2 IYa


  1. What was the reason of the Hollywood studio system’s birth?

  2. What was brought in a film industry with the introduction of sound?

  3. Speak about saw the rise of gangster and thriller films.

  4. What is the most popular form of film in the USA?

  5. Speak about the main traditions of the American film in 1960s.

  6. What was the main film concern in 1960s?

  7. Does the USA have a national school of cinema? Why?

  8. Speak about the greatest events in cultural life of the USA.

Ex. 7. Match the people in A with the things they do in B.
directors producers film stars co-stars cameramen/women
1. They provide the money to make films.
2. They make films. They tell the actors what to do.
3. They control the camera.
4. They are famous actors in films.
5. They are actors in films – but not in the most important parts.

Ex. 8. Match the types of film below with the titles.
thriller horror film cartoon sci-fi film
comedy costume drama western musical
2001: A Space Odyssey Frankenstein the Monster
Singing in the Rain Gun Fight at the OK Corral
Mickey Mouse and Pluto A Funny Thing Happened
Emma: a nineteenth century girl Ten Seconds before you Die

Ex.9. Read the passage. Complete the gaps with the words below.
special effects popcorn showing
stunts screen box office
cinema usher trailers back row
Last week, we went to see the new James Bond film. It was _____________
at the Odeon in the city centre. We bought tickets at the ______________, and ________________ at the cinema shop. The ____________ looked at our tickets when we went in. We sat in the ______________. There were a lot of advertisements and _____________ for other films before the film started. It was an exciting film, with lots of fantastic _____________ created by computers, and dangerous _____________, like people falling out of buildings. And because the Odeon has a very big _______________, we felt we were in the film.

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