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Ex.10. Look at the words in italics. In each sentence, two are correct. Which one is wrong?

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Ex.10. Look at the words in italics. In each sentence, two are correct. Which one is wrong?
1. I would love to make/shoot/do a film.
2. Last night, I watched/saw/looked a film at the cinema.
3. I enjoy going to the movies/films/pictures.
4. Clint Eastwood has directed/acted/produced a new film.
5. Tom Hanks is starring in/playing in/acting in a new film next month.
6. They have opened a new movie theatre/film theatre/cinema near my house.

Ex. 11. Look at the prepositions in italics. Only one preposition is correct in
each sentence. Which one?
1. What’s on/in/off at the cinema?
2. It’s a film on/about/over a boy and girl in love.
3. Brad Pitt stars on/in/at a new movie.
4. The film was directed after/on/by Alfred Hitchcock.
5. The film is set in/on/at the south of France.
6. I usually go on/to/at the cinema every week.

Ex. 12. Match the types of films with the phrases that are most likely to describe them.
a thriller a romantic comedy an animated film
a sci-fi film a horror film a costume drama
1. An all-action movie with great stunts and a real cliffhanger of an ending
that will have you on the edge of your seat.
2. Set on a star cruiser in the distant future, this film has great special effects.
3. A hilarious new film, about two unlikely lovers, which will have you laughing out loud.
4. Based on a novel by Jane Austen, this new adaptation by William Jones has been filmed on location at Harewood House in Hampshire.
5. A fantastic new computer-generated cartoon, featuring the voice of Eddie Murphy as the donkey.
6. This new film will scare you to death.
Now match the words in italics in the descriptions to the definitions
1. exciting
2. not filmed in a studio
3. the story comes from (a novel)
4. dangerous action sequences like car chases or people falling from skyscrapers
5. amazing, impossible visual sequences, often created by computers
6. changing a novel to a film screenplay
7. where the story takes place
8. exciting end – you want to know what happens

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