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Ex. 13. Use the words below to answer the questions

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Ex. 13. Use the words below to answer the questions.
the latest release the soundtrack a trailer
the credits a multiplex the rushes
the titles a screen test
1. What do you call the songs and background music to a film?
2. What do you call a big cinema with lots of screens?
3. What do you call the bit at the start of the film that tells you the name of the film, the actors and director? And what do you call the words on the screen at the end that tell you who played who, and who was the cameraman, set designer, etc.?
4. Which phrase means a new film?
5. Which word means a short film made to advertise a new film?
6. What do you call film before it is edited?
7. What do you call a short scene filmed to find out if the actor is good in
a particular part?

Ex. 14. What is the difference between the following?
1. A film and a movie
2. An art house film and a blockbuster
3. A co-star and an extra
4. A cameraman and a projectionist
5. The cinema and the pictures
6. The cast and casting
7. Action! and Cut!

Ex. 15. When making a film, in which order do you do the things in the list?
editing the film filming
casting releasing the film
writing the screenplay finding locations

Ex. 16. Film reviews often use compound adjectives to describe films. Make compound adjectives by matching words in A with words in B.
Example: action-packed
action moving
slow packed
spine warming
breath fetched
hard taking
heart chilling
far hitting

Use compound adjectives from previous activity to complete the film reviews below.
Beautiful People is a romantic melodrama. It lasts three hours, and has a ___________plot, which gets a bit boring. However, the ____________performance by Tim Franks in the central role will move you to
tears. It also has a _________message about how we should deal with AIDS.
The Monster Movie is both a comedy and a horror film. It has a _______________ storyline, which you just won’t believe, but it also has some ________________ stunts, which look really dangerous. It has a _______________ ending which is so scary you will cover your eyes.

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