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What is the tone / style of the text? Discuss the options below with a partner and find, where possible, examples to support your ideas

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What is the tone / style of the text? Discuss the options below with a partner and find, where possible, examples to support your ideas.


exaggerated / made up

subjective / personal

objective / unbiased

something else, what?

Ex. 11. Match the types of trips below to the texts that describe them:
go on a boat trip go on an excursion go on a voyage
go on a journey go on a walk go on a guided tour
go on an expedition go on a business trip
1 We have been planning it for years. It’s one of the last remaining unexplored areas of rainforest in the world, and who knows what we will find there. In the party, there will be scientists and ecologists as well as experienced adventurers because we could discover new species of plants and animals.
2 Well, I’ve booked it. We have to be in front of the hotel at six o’clock in the morning, and, as soon as everybody has taken their seat, we’ll set off for Warwick and Stratford. It’s motorway most of the way, but there should be some nice views when we get near Warwick. We have two hours at the castle and all afternoon to visit Shakespeare’s house. We have to be back on the coach for the drive home at six.
3 It was a lovely afternoon, so we put on our coats and boots and headed
off for Hare Hill. We took the dog, too. The path along the river is very narrow so we went in single file until we reached Newbridge village. And it’s a really steep climb to the top of the hill. We were exhausted by the time we got home.
4 We went up on deck. The strong breeze immediately hit us in the face. I looked far out across the huge desert of green-blue that lay before us, but I could see no land. It would be three more days before we reached the coast of South America.
5 There were hundreds of people on the platform, and, carrying two
suitcases, and a rucksack on his back, William began to worry that he wouldn’t be able to find his seat. It would take two days travelling on this old train across some of the most lonely and beautiful scenery in the world before he reached the little village in the foothills where he was going to work.
6 I’ll be arriving at Linate Airport at 3, travelling club class. Could you
arrange for a driver to be waiting for me? I have to be at Head Office for the meeting at four thirty. I will only be carrying hand luggage – a briefcase and an overnight bag – so I shouldn’t be delayed in customs.
7 It was the highlight of the holiday. We booked a trip along the River
Umacinta between Mexico and Guatemala. It was wonderful. We travelled for two hours past forested banks watching the alligators, visited a Mayan ruin, and stopped for lunch in an old village.
8 On the left, you can see St Paul’s Cathedral, designed by Sir Christopher
Wren. We’re going inside now. Could you all stay together, please?’

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