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Exercise 16. Write the following sentences in the negative

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Exercise 16. Write the following sentences in the negative 
and interrogative:
1. These students study at the University.
2. We will study criminal law next year.
3. This judge worked at the city court a year ago.
4. This student’s mother teaches civil law at the University.
5. Her sister will work as a judge after graduating from Moscow 
State Law University.
6. That juvenile committed a minor offence a year ago.
7. The witnesses for the defence and prosecution will be cross-
examined tomorrow.
8. Magistrates’ courts hear 90 per cent of all criminal cases.
9. The Legal Practice Course covers business law and practice
property and litigation as well as advocacy.
10. Solicitors’ work covers a broad range, including advising 
commercial and private clients on business matters and property.
11. Magistrates will commit this case of burglary to the Crown 
Court for trial.
12. Yesterday the jury found the defendant guilty and the judge 
passed the sentence in accordance with the law.
Exercise 17. Make up questions to which the words in italic 
type are answers:
1. My sister does not speak English.
2. He finished his work two days ago.
3. The students of our group asked the professor a lot of ques-
4. My friend wants to become a lawyer.
5. Last week I translated this article on civil law into Russian.
6. The job of a jury is to bring in the verdict.

A Grammar of English Practice Book for Law Students
7. Magistrates are unpaid judges usually chosen from well-re-
spected people in the local community.
8. The Johnsons settled in our city two years ago.
9. The Supreme Court of the USA consists of a Chief Justice and 

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