Сборник упражнений по грамматике английского языка для студентов-юристов

Exercise 21. Read and translate the sentences paying at-

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Exercise 21. Read and translate the sentences paying at-
tention to the use of the pronoun 
1. A crime is a dangerous antisocial act. It affects the interests 
of the whole society even when it is directed against an individual 
2. It is not easy to answer this question.
3. I have a very good book on civil law. You may take it if you 
need it.

Сборник упражнений по грамматике английского языка для студентов-юристов
4. It is this country that strongly opposes terrorism.
5. Elections are equal. It means that each citizen has one vote. 
Elections are universal. It means that all citizens at the age of 18 have 
the right to elect.
6. The House of Commons plays a major role in law-making. It 
consists of Members of Parliament (called MPs for short).
7. It is a famous picture. It was painted by John Constable. The 
artist was awarded a gold medal for it.
8. The City is situated in the centre of London. It occupies about 
one square mile in area.
9. It is this country that uses nuclear energy for peaceful pur-
10. It is necessary to do everything possible in order to elimi-
nate juvenile delinquency.
11. It is Parliament that passes new laws.
12. It is autumn now. It often rains in autumn. It is getting dark 
though it is only 6 o’clock.
13. A court of trial examines a case in substance. It brings in a 
sentence or a judgment.
14. Constitutional law is a leading branch of the whole system 
of law. Its principal source is the country’s Constitution. It deals with 
social structure, state system, as well as organization of state power.
15. It is known that administrative law is closely connected with 
constitutional law.
16. It is public law that deals with disputes between citizens 
and the state.
17. It is also the duty of district courts to protect the electoral 
rights of citizens.
18. The Supreme Court is the highest judicial organ of the state. 
It has the power of supervision over the activities of all judicial organs 
of the state.
19. It is the duty of the witness to give all the information at his 
disposal concerning the case and the accused.
20. It is from the records and reports of cases tried by English 
judges that we derive our knowledge of early case law.
21. It is at this stage that the trial counsel may challenge pro-
spective jurors.
22. It is the doctrine of precedent that is the most important 
concept of English common law.

A Grammar of English Practice Book for Law Students
23. Many people in Great Britain consider it as a really bad idea 
that the police have started carrying guns.
24. The police regarded it as suspicious that the dead woman’s 
husband had recently taken out a life insurance policy in her name.

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