Сборник упражнений по грамматике английского языка для студентов-юристов

Exercise 42. Change the following sentences into disjunc-

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Exercise 42. Change the following sentences into disjunc-
tive, general or special questions:
1. There was something strange about the way he behaved be-
fore the court.
2. Historically there was the right to challenge seven jurors.
3. There is no formal division of the legal profession in the Unit-
ed States.
4. There are different kinds of organizations dealing with envi-
ronmental issues.
5. There are several stages of jury trial in Great Britain.
6. There are a number of reasons why a society punishes of-
7. There are magistrates’ courts in most cities and towns.

Сборник упражнений по грамматике английского языка для студентов-юристов
8. There are several ways to classify crimes in England.
9. There were three passengers in the car when a collision oc-
curred through the negligent driving.
10. There are currently 29 existing monarchies in the world.
11. There are about 500 Privy Counsellors whose appointments 
are for life.
12. There are a number of Privy Council committees, normally 
comprising ministers with the relevant policy interest.
13. There are many different kinds of courts, judges, and legal 
professionals in the legal system of England and Wales.
14. There is a range of non-custodial penalties for young offend-
ers in Great Britain.
15. There are 43 police forces in England and Wales.
16. There may be more than one sheriff court in a local author-
ity area.
17. There is a special examination to select a fair and impartial 
Exercise 43. Open the brackets choosing the correct form 
of the verb 
to be
translate the sentences into Russian:
1. There (to be) situations where it is felt that the trial judge 
made a mistake in the application of law.
2. There (to be) a rule that the defence can make an opening 
speech only if it is going to call the defendant and at least one other 
witness to give evidence as to what happened.
3. There (to be) an arbitration service for small claims available 
in the county court.
4. In most countries there (to be) only one legal profession.
5. One principle of English contract law (to be) that there must 
be an offer and an acceptance in the contract. In every valid contract 
there must also be an exchange of consideration.
6. There (to be) special rules of interpreting contracts in which 
one or more contractors made a mistake or were pressed or tricked 
into making an agreement. There (to be) also rules for dealing with il-
legal contracts.
7. There (to be) no need to apply for or to register copyright.
8. There (to be) basic minimum standards of freedom and se-
curity for all.

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