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Exercise 47. Analyse the structure of the following sentenc-

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Exercise 47. Analyse the structure of the following sentenc-
es. Point out the subordinate clauses. Insert the relative pronoun 
if it is left out and translate the sentences:
1. We know the witness for the defence is coming tomorrow.
2. The article on human rights we translated yesterday was 
very interesting.
3. We know just and lasting peace everybody needs will not 
come of itself, it must be gained by all progressive people.

A Grammar of English Practice Book for Law Students
4. Everybody knows there are no social groups interested in 
5. Certain discretionary powers the monarch has are known as 
the Royal Prerogative.
6. He thought the trial would take place on Monday.
7. The work he completed last week was of great importance.
8. The first thing he decided to do was to let them know about 
that terrible crime.
9. He was sure the hearing of the case had been postponed.
10. He was to bring me the article I asked for yesterday, but he 
11. You haven’t told us anything about the decision the court 
passed yesterday.
12. The President approved the new law Parliament had adopt-
13. This article is directly related to the information we are 
looking for.
14. We think he will never drive in the excess of the speed limit.
15. We know the job of a juror is to listen to the evidence and 
decide upon guilt or innocence of the accused.
16. They insist jurors should be influenced neither by judges nor 
17. We know that he was fined and disqualified from driving last 
18. They told us they would take into account all the circum-
stances of the crime.
19. Before the discussion was over he made some notes to the 
questions he was interested in.
20. I have translated the article you recommended.
21. The defendant says he cannot pay the amount the court has 
22. We engaged the best commercial lawyer we could find to 
represent us, but we still lost the case.

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