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Note: mind that one is used in this way in very general state-
ments, when we are talking about anyone, at any time; one in this 
function is not translated into Russian.
Exercise 52. Comment on the functions of the word 

Translate the sentences into Russian:
1. There are many branches of law and Labour Law is one of 
2. Each district court has from one to eighteen Federal district 
judges, the number depending on the amount of work within the ter-
3. In a legal sense an eye-witness is one who saw or heard the 
commission of the crime.
4. The British Constitutional system is one which has developed 
over centuries for the protection of its social order.

Сборник упражнений по грамматике английского языка для студентов-юристов
5. A law court is one which administers justice according to the 
principles and forms of common law.
6. The USA Supreme Court consists of one Chief Justice and 
such number of associate Justices as may be fixed by Congress.
7. In the English legal system a practicing lawyer must hold one 
of two professions.
8. One must remember that a juror should keep an open eye all 
through the trial.
9. One must take into account that the young man accused of 
stealing a watch will be tried by a Juvenile Court.
10. A court of equity is one which administers justice according 
to the rules and principles of equity.
11. A court of appellate jurisdiction is one which reviews cases 
removed by appeal from a lower court.
12. One of the distinctive features of the American system of 
Government is the power of judicial review, which enables the federal 
courts to rule on the constitutionality of legislative and executive acts.
13. Courts of appeal, one for each of ten circuits in the United 
States, are courts of appellate jurisdiction.
14. A court may consist of one judge and a jury or only one 
judge and one clerk, or it may be a tribunal including a number of 
15. The presidency of the US is one of the numerous govern-
mental offices.
16. One of purposes of jurisprudence is to explain legal con-
17. A court of first instance is one which first examines a case 
in substance and brings in a sentence or a decision.
18. A court of second instance is one which examines appeals 
and protests against sentences and decisions of courts of first in-
19. One of the roles of the International Court of Justice is to 
settle in accordance with the international law the legal disputes sub-
mitted to it by States.
20. The International Court of Justice may not include more 
than one judge of any nationality.
21. One important distinction made in most contemporary sys-
tems is between public and civil law, i.e. between law involving the 
state and law involving individuals only.

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