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Exercise 60. Comment on the use of the Present, Past or

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Exercise 60. Comment on the use of the Present, Past or 
Future Indefinite (Active Voice) and translate the sentences into 
1. Most English courts exercise jurisdiction in both civil and 
criminal matters.

A Grammar of English Practice Book for Law Students
2. Civil actions take place between two and more litigants.
3. Inns of Court jointly conduct the bar examinations.
4. Barristers dine together, they use the same libraries, and 
many of them have offices or chambers in or near their Inns.
5. Solicitors usually interview clients and witnesses.
6. When Mary gets to the office she always checks her e-mail 
7. The legislation comes into force on the 1st of October.
8. Jurors listen to the evidence at the trial and give their verdict 
on the facts.
9. The House of Lords hears appeals from the Court of Appeal.
10. The police carry out arrests, searches, and seizures.
11. Napoleonic Code refers to the entire body of French law 
contained in five codes dealing with civil, commercial, and criminal 
12. The agreement does not preclude further agreements be-
tween the parties in future.
1. The solicitor failed to prepare the documents in time.
2. The Counsel for the defence put a plea for mercy.
3. He admitted to the police that he had stolen the money.
4. The police persuaded us that it was too dangerous.
5. The accused denied all knowledge of the crime, but no one 
believed her.
6. Two hours ago the police inspector interrogated both the 
suspects and witnesses.
7. Common law evolved from the tribal and local laws of Eng-
8. Article 1 of the Criminal Law Act 1967 abolished the classifi-
cation of crimes into felonies and misdemeanours.
9. Attorneys for both the defence and prosecution tried to show 
their evidence in the most favourable light.
10. Yesterday the police made an official statement that they 
believed the suspect to be guilty.
11. The Constitutional Reform Act 2005 introduced some major 
changes to the British constitution.
12. When William the Conqueror gained the English throne 
in 1066, he established a strong central government.

Сборник упражнений по грамматике английского языка для студентов-юристов
13. Robert Peel (1788–1850) introduced the Metropolitan Police 
Act of 1829 and set up an organised police force in London.
14. After the accident he sued the company for $50,000 in dam-
1. Very soon computer technology will change the way we con-
duct business and interact with each other.
2. The prosecutor will conduct the case in court on behalf of 
the police.
3. The jury will decide whether the accused is guilty or not, and 
the judge will decide on the sentence to be imposed.
4. Will you explain the core of the problem to us without going 
into details?
5. Tomorrow the police will interview a number of witnesses of 
the crime.
6. My client intends to appeal and I am sure that the higher 
court will overturn his sentence.
7. In my opinion they will value the business at about $ 2 mil-

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