Учебное пособие состоит из двух частей и англо-русского словаря. Материалом для пособия послужило американское издание для изучающих компьютер P. Norton "Introduction to Computers"

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8. www. Glencoe.com/norton/online/welcome.html is a(n) example of a(n)
a. IP address c. DNS address
b. Uniform Resource Locator d. Hypertext Transfer Protocol
9. A Web site’s primary page is called its
a. Uniform Resource Locator c. Home page
b. Personalized start page d. Browser
10. To exchange e-mail messages with other people, you need a unique

      1. IP address c. E-mail address

b. DNS address d. URL

      1. Match each item to the correct statement below:

    1. TCP/IP c. DNS address

    2. IP address d. Domain

    1. Identifies a type of institution on the Internet.

    2. A numeric address.

    3. The protocol used by the Internet.

    4. Uses words, not numbers.

    5. Enables any two computers to exchange data.

    6. Many computers have this and IP address.

    7. “.gov” is an example.

    8. Uses four sets of numbers.

    1. World Wide Web c. Browser

    2. HTML d. URL

    1. Enables an author to place links in a document.

    2. A software application.

    3. Includes a type, an address and a path.

    4. Hypertext links are its foundation (основа).

    5. Interprets HTML code to display pages.

    6. Requires the use of tags.

    7. A special type of address.

    8. Organizes widely scattered (разбросанные) resources.

      1. Speak on the contents of the text using the following chart:

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