Учебное пособие состоит из двух частей и англо-русского словаря. Материалом для пособия послужило американское издание для изучающих компьютер P. Norton "Introduction to Computers"

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________ is the order in which program statements are executed.

  • The steps represented in a flowchart are called _______.

  • A (an) _______ is a placeholder for data being processed.

  • Discrete sets of code used to perform one task are ________, or mini-algorithms.

    V. Choose the right answer:

    1. Which of the following types of files actually sends commands to the processor?

      1. EXE c. INI

      2. DLL d. HLP

    2. Which of the following types of files contains configuration information?

      1. EXE c. INI

      2. DLL d. HLP

    3. To be understood by the computer’s hardware, program instructions must be formatted as

      1. Programming language c. Object language

      2. Machine language d. Source language

    4. A programming language enables the programmer to create a description (описание) of a program, and save the description in a file. The resulting description is called

      1. Source code c. Object code

      2. Machine code d. Compiler code

    5. Before it can be run on a computer, source code must be converted into

      1. Compiler code c. Interpreter code

      2. Assembler code d. Machine code

    6. The order in which program statements are executed is called

      1. Flowchart c. Program control flow

      2. Structure d. Algorithm

    7. An algorithm is a set of steps that always

      1. Leads to a solution c. Runs the program

      2. Looks the same in a flowchart d. None of the above

    8. To perform certain tasks, the actual programming process uses

      1. Variables c. All the above

      2. HLP files d. None of the above

    VI. Match each item to the correct statement below:

      1. EXE file c. INI file

      2. DLL file d. HLP file

    1. Can be shared by several programs.

    2. Stores configuration information.

    3. Sends commands to the processor.

    4. Newer programs use Windows Registry instead of this.

    5. A partial EXE file.

    6. When you run a program, you are running this.

    7. Provides PC-based help.

    8. Allows programmers to break large programs into small components.

      1. Source code c. Algorithm

      2. Object code d. Program control flow

    9. A description of a program.

    10. The contents of an executable file.

    11. Order of execution.

    12. A set of steps that always leads to a solution.

    13. The same whether done by a PC or by hand.

    14. Can be depicted by a flowchart.

    VII. Speak on the contents of the text using the following chart:

    Text 5

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