Ата жұрт – «Мәңгілік Ел» идеясының берік тұғыры

Homeland – firm pedestal of the

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Homeland – firm pedestal of the 

idea of «Mangilik El»

The article studies the artistic reflection of the national idea and the 

concept «Mangilik El» in works of the outstanding representative of the 

literary trend Zar Zaman – Murat Monkeuly (the end of XIX century – be-

ginning of the XX century) in the history of the Kazakh literature. It deeply 

investigates the traditions, glorification of the national idea and ways of 

involvement in the idea of the «Mangilik El». The main attention is paid to 

generalizing characteristics of National idea and the idea «Mangilik El». In 

article there has been revealed notions of love for Homeland, meaning of 

artistic representation of the spirit of freedom, which were eternal dream 

of the nation in such poems-tolgaus of the poet Murat Monkeuly as «Ush 

Kiyan», «Saryarka», «Karasai Kazy» where there is an artistic description of 

life. The article compares the process of the chanting the national idea and 

its identity in the poetry of Zar Zaman poets and Murat Monkeuly. There 

it is given the full analysis of presence and fusion of national ideas with 

the idea of the «Mangilik El» in Murat’s poems, which continues the tradi-

tion of glorification of the fighter’s spirit in works of zhyraus (narrators) as 

Asankaigy, Kaztugan, Dospambet and Aktamberdy.

Key words: literary trends, poets of Zar Zaman (time of trouble), the 

national idea, «Mangilik El» (Eternal Nation), literary tradition, literary 

genre, poetic art, national position, literary knowledge, historical choice.

Абдиманулы О.

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