Прогуливаясь по лесу, дети неожиданно увидели волка

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“Holidays of Great Britain”


Exercise 1.

Open the brackets by using the present participle in the active and passive form.

1. Being impressed by the film, they kept silent. 

2. Having lost the book, the student couldn’t remember the topic. 

3. He spent the whole day reading a book. 

4. Having travelled around America for a month, she returned to England. 

5. He watched Mike  go out of the door and  cross  the street. 

6. The question being discussed now is very important. 

7. Packed in the beautiful box the flowers looked very lovely. 

8.  Descending the mountains, they heard a man calling for help. 

9. Having been rejected by everybody he became a monk. 

10. Having been  shown  the wrong direction, the travelers soon lost their

Exercise 2.

Fill in the blanks with suitable present participles :

(kicking, driving, riding,riding, leading, singing)

1. See baby riding, easily.\

2. I saw Rabert drived skilfully.

3. I can hear him singing a song.

4. I saw the child kicked the ball.

5. We saw a man led a monkey.

Exercise 3

Translate into Russian

  1. Walking in the forest, the children suddenly saw a wolf.

Прогуливаясь по лесу, дети неожиданно увидели волка.

  1. Living in the country, they enjoyed beautiful nature.

Живя в деревне, они наслаждались красивой природой.

  1. The people stood on the bridge, watching the boats on the river.

Люди стояли на мосту и смотрели на лодки, плывущие по реке.

  1. The boys kept silence, thinking about the teacher’s question.

Мальчики молчали, обдумывая вопрос учителя.

  1. Looking for his dog, Tom was running around the town.

В поисках своей собаки Том бегал по городу.

  1. Running in the yard, the girl fell and hurt her knee.

Забегая во двор, девушка упала и повредила колено.

  1. He stood watching people coming along the street.

Он стоял и смотрел, как люди идут по улице.

  1. Seeing clouds of smoke over the building, the girl cried, «Fire! Fire!»

Увидев клубы дыма над зданием, девушка закричала: «Пожар! Огонь!"

  1. Going home I kept thinking about my friend.

Идя домой, я все время думал о своем друге.

  1. Waiting in the hall he thought over the problem. В ожидании в зале задумался над задачей.

Presentation of lexics

Vocabulary and pronunciation

1. Look at the list of words and word combinations. Listening.

Practice saying them. Pay attention to the stress. 

bank holidays – банктік мерекелер - государственные праздники

unique – бірегей -уникальный

composed – құрастырылған-составлен

despite – қарамастан- несмотря

colourful – түрлі-түсті- красочный

attention – назар- внимание

gift cards – сыйлық карталары- подарочные карты

memorable – есте қаларлық- памятный

pumpkin – асқабақ - тыква

candle – шам- свеча

witches – сиқыршылар- ведьмы

ghosts – елестер- призраки

refuse – бас тарту- мусор

evil spirits – зұлым рухтар- нечисть

True or false.

1. Halloween celebrated on December 31. F

2. On New year day children knock the door their neighbours and say ' treat' or 'threat'. F

3. St. Valentine's day celebrated on February 14. T

4. Santa Claus comes on Thanksgiving day. F

5. On Valentine's day many people send cards to people they love. T

6.New Year day celebrated on December 31. T

3.The next task is rebus. You must solve rebus.
Answer: Halloween

4. The next task is puzzle. You must solve puzzle.

Christmas day

New year day



Valentine's Day

Holiday as 

Celebrate on

Aleuetdinova Gulmaral TFP21-021-2K

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