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Формируемые компетенции: овладение знаниями в области постановки педагогических целей, умениями и навыками проектирования и реализации единого педагогического процесса, знание навыков поиска научной литературы
овладение теоретическими основами творческой работы.

Code of module: CLO 5
Name of module: Classification of living organisms
The name of the discipline: Flora and fauna of the world
Systematization plant
Post-requisites: Writing and defending a thesis (project) or passing a comprehensive exam.
Purpose: Knowledge of the distribution of flora and fauna of the world;
During the theoretical and practical classes, practical classes on the study of flora and fauna were held.
the General features, types of habitats, sustainability, habitats, and education areas. Austrian, neutropenia,Cape, Holarctic, paleotropical and galantamine the Kingdom among them location.
The main endemic species of animals and plants characteristic of them they
should know.
Brief description: Studies the main patterns of biodiversity and distribution of flora and fauna of the world, the main patterns of biological diversity and distribution of plants and animals of the world, use the knowledge in professional activities.
Learning outcomes formation of key competencies must know the zoogeographic zones of the World ocean;
The main faunal and floristic zones of the land, the Animal and plant world should know
Formed competencies: mastering knowledge in the field of setting pedagogical goals, skills in designing and implementing a unified pedagogical process, knowledge of scientific literature search skills
mastering the theoretical foundations of creative work.

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