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part of the country (a constituency)

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part of the country (a constituency).

A Grammar of English Practice Book for Law Students
23. Legislatures are places where elected representatives of 
the people meet to speak, to debate, to discuss proposed laws and 
other national business.
Exercise 58. Insert the appropriate form of the Participle
translate the sentences into Russian:
1. An increasing number of young people are getting involved 
in criminal activity according to the report (publishing / published
2. Precedent is a decision (making / made) by a court on some 
case that serves example for other courts to follow.
3. A valuable consideration is something a person has given, or 
done, or agreed not to do when (making / made) a contract.
4. The party (accusing / accused) of a crime or a civil offence is 
called the defendant in both kinds of actions.
5. Apart from the high price the terms of payments and delivery 
(proposing / proposed) by that firm do not suit us.
6. Jury is a group of ordinary people (selecting / selected) at 
random to decide the facts of the case and give a verdict.
7. When (making / made) new codes the lawmakers were influ-
enced by the codes (producing / produced) in the 7th century under 
the direction of Roman Emperor Justinian.
8. In Great Britain judges have to apply (existing / existed
precedents to each new case.
9. Not every wrong (committing / committed) in the society is 
remediable in tort.
10. The Supreme Court of Great Britain consists of 12 judges 
(appointing / appointed) by Her Majesty.
11. The House of Commons is an (electing / elected) body, it 
consists of 650 Members of Parliament (MPs) who each represent a 

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