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Shymkent - Almaty, 09 sep, fri

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Shymkent - Almaty, 09 sep, fri
Flight No DV-717
20:30 Аэропорт Шымкент (CIT)
21:40 Международный аэропорт
Алматы (ALA)
1h 10m
SCAT Airlines
Boeing 757-300
Economy (R)
1 Baggage up to 23 kg per one passenger
Total fare:
75 000 KZT
Tax and airline surcharges:
9 110 KZT
Service fee:
Total price:
84 110 KZT (inc. VAT 12%: 9 012 KZT)

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BIN: 130840007160
Registration for VAT:
Series 60001 №1215693 from 28.08.2020
Changing the name and the surname of the passenger after discharge is prohibited. This itinerary receipt
constitutes acceptance of passenger fare rules and conditions of the return and exchange tickets.
Important information
Registration begins 2 hours before and ends 40 minutes before the scheduled departure time. For international
flights, registration can be completed in 1 hour before departure. Departure time on the ticket is local. Do not be
late. To check-in you are required to have identification document. It is recommended to bring a printed itinerary
receipt (E-ticket) if this is your first flight with this airline, or if your flight with stops. In some cases, it may be
confirmation for the free transportation of passengers between the airport terminals, as well as it can be useful, if
you are going to the visa waiver country through the countries which are required visa for a visit. You can take on
board one piece of hand luggage with the dimensions do not exceed 45x35x15 cm. Liquids, gels, aerosols can be
transported in hand luggage in containers no more than 100 ml, but the total volume limit is 1 l only. If you plan
traveling with a pet, please contact the airline to get the information about transportation. Please, note that a
passenger who is late for registration or for boarding is not allowed to flight.
Information about
the fiscal receipt

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