МҰНайшы маусым 2013 3 Dear readers and colleagues!

МҰНАЙШЫ Alua Aralbai, 11 years old, and

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Alua Aralbai, 11 years old, and 

Kuanysh Yerbol, 10 years old

Father: Nurlan Nagizbekov, fireman at the KAM 


Alua and Kuanysh’s hobby: taekwondo and 

studying English

Alua’s awards:

- ІІІ place in the oblast taekwondo competition 

for youngsters in the 30 kg category (2011)

- ІІ place in the oblast taekwondo competition for 

youngsters in the 33 kg category (2012)

- green belt

Kuanysh’s awards:

- ІІ place in the oblast taekwondo competition for 

youngsters in the 32+ kg category (2012)

- green belt

Alua:  I have a friendly family: my father Nurlan, mother Galiya and younger brother Kuanysh. My father and grandfather work 

for PetroKazakhstan. My father is very clever, and my mother is very kind, but strict. They love us all and care for us. By the way, my 

grandfather recommended that we join the taekwondo group. As well as sport, I really enjoy English.

Kuanysh: My sister and I take sport very seriously and have been doing taekwondo for more than three years. Sport has helped me 

find new friends. Taekwondo develops qualities such as bravery, attention, respect for people and teamwork.

What does Alua want to achieve: I am creative and would love to become a designer.

What does Kuanysh want to achieve: I would like to be a highly-qualified specialist in exact sciences.

Aliya Bakytbek, 11 years old

Father: Bakytbek Kulakhmet, CPF foreman, Kumkol field

Aliya’s hobby: dancing and chess


- nominated for the Little Miss Ovation award 2008 in the Little Miss Kazakhstan 2008 


- winner of the International Children’s Art Competition Boztorgai

Aliya: I have always wanted to be first. Even in kindergarten, I was very active and took 

part in various competitions. When I was 6 years old, I took part in the national Little Miss 

Kazakhstan 2008 contest and was nominated for the Little Miss Ovation 2008 award. I was 

invited to the 9


 International Little Miss World Children’s Festival of Culture and Art 2009, 

which will be held in Antalya (Turkey). Unfortunately, I couldn’t take part as we couldn’t 

afford the trip.

What I love doing most is dancing, which is why I am a member of the dancing club at 

our school #2. Dancing is an expression of the feelings that live in my soul. Our dance group 

Baldauren is made up of 10 girls, and in 2012, we won the Boztorgai International Children’s Art Competition.

I also really enjoy playing chess. Chess expands your horizons and develops your logical thinking.

What does Aliya want to achieve: I really love my family, and when I grow up I want to be a doctor to help all people and of course 

my close family.




Маусым 2013



April 1 - The railway fee at oil-loading 

approach trestle of PKOP was reduced. 

This became possible as Kazakhstan Temir 

Zholy inventory stock was transferred to 


April 1-4 - 14 boys’ and girls’ teams from 

Kyzylorda, Khromtau, Taldykurgan, Tekeli, 

Baikonur and also from the Kyzylorda 

Oblast Shiyeli, Karmakshy and Zhanakorgan 

districts took part in a basketball 

competition for school children. The team 

from Murager school from Kyzylorda came 

first in the boys’ competition, the team 

from Taldykurgan - second and the team 

from the Shiyeli district - third. In the girls’ 

competition the team from Kyzylorda came 

first, the team from Tekeli in the Almaty 

Oblast - second and the team from the 

Zhanakorgan district - third.

April 2 - Shapagat rehabilitation centre 

for handicapped children in Kazaly district 

received cupboards for its pupils. Money 

for the furniture was collected by the PKKR 

Human Resources Department that were 

gained as a prize for the best performance at 

the corporate New Year party.

April 12-17 - at volleyball competition 

held at Kumkol field among PKKR 

departments and contractors, 1



went to Production Shop team, 2


 place - 

Central Engineering Services and 3


 place - 

Workover Department.

April 16-17 - as part of an exchange 

programme, manager of the Atyrau Oil 

Refinery public relations department 

Y.Yesenova visited PKOP and the social 

facilities we support.

April 17 - the Kumkol field played host 

to a fire safety competition called “It’s 

easy to prevent a fire than put one out”, at 

which 13 teams from various departments 

took part. After 5 stages, 1


 place and a cup 

was awarded to the team from the Main oil 

pumping station; 2


 place, by one point, 

was given to a team from the Production 

group; and 3


place was awarded to a team 

from the Central Processing Facility.

April 18-19 - PetroKazakhstan Oil 

Products was a host for conference of 

KazMunaiGas - Refining and Marketing 

and its subsidiaries to discuss work and 

environmental safety, as well as industrial 

and fire safety.

April 22-27 - Kumkol played host to 

a volleyball competition among PKKR 

departments and contractors. Of the 8 

teams that took place, 1


 place went to 

the team from the Production Technology 

Department; 2


 place - Support Services 

and 3


 place - Booster Pumping Station.

April 23 - as part of World Book Day 

and Copyright, PKKR acted as the sponsor 

of a series of measures organised by 

the Kyzylorda municipal central library 

network. The most active readers were 

rewarded with souvenirs from PKKR.

April 26 - PKKR President Wei Yuxiang 

gave a speech on the issue of Kazakhstan 

and local content in oil and gas projects at 

an extended session of Kyzylorda Oblast 

subsoil users, with the participation of the 

Minister of Oil & Gas, S.Mynbayev.

April 26-29 - a mini-football competition 

was held at the Aryskum field Kazhymukan 

sports complex for PKKR departments and 

contractors. Eight teams took part and 



 place went to the team from the KAM 

Production Engineering Department, 2


place - KAM Central Processing Facility and 



 place - the joint contractors team TADS-

Shapagat (TransAvtoDorStroi LLP and 

Shapagat LLP).

April 27-28 - the Locomotive stadium 

in Kyzylorda played host to an oblast mini-

football competition in honour of labour 

veteran Turmakhan Arapov. The PKKR team 

took 1


place out of a field of 16 teams.

April 28 - PetroKazakhstan Oil Products 

received a diploma and pennant from the 

Ministry for Labour and Social Welfare for its 



 place at the Senim republic work safety 

competition in the Safe Enterprise of the 

Year category. The competition was held in 

Astana as part of World Day for Health and 

Safety at Work.


May 1 - on the Day of the Unity of 

the Nations of Kazakhstan, veterans and 

foremost employees of PetroKazakhstan 

Kumkol Resources took part in a parade on 

the central square in Kyzylorda.

May 1 - as part of the celebration of 

the Day of the Unity of the Nations of 

Kazakhstan, artistes from the N.Bekezhanov 

Kazakh musical and dramatic theatre 

performed their programme Syr Azili for the 

Kumkol and Aryskum oil workers.

May 3 - a joint meeting of the PKOP Trade 

Union and the independent Dostoiniy Trud 

trade union organisation was held at the 

Refinery conference hall to work out a new 

draft collective agreement.

May 4 - PKOP management took part in 

a ceremony in Zhuldyz rural district school 

№79 in the Sairam district of the South 

Kazakhstan Oblast to open a monument to 

ПҚҚР ардагерлері мен озаттары бірінші мамыр шеруі / Ветераны и передовики ПККР на первомайском параде / 

Veterans and foremost employees of PKKR  in a parade



Маусым 2013      


veterans of the Great Patriotic War, paid for 

by funds collected by local population, in 

honour of the 68


 celebration of the Great 


May 6 - on the eve of Defender of 

the Fatherland Day and Victory Day

PetroKazakhstan provided financial aid to 

the Public Association of Veteran Geologists 

of South Kazakhstan, the Medeu district 

organisation of veterans and the Almaty city 

branch of the Organisation of Veterans.

May 7 - as part of Defender of the 

Motherland Day, the Kumkol field 

organised a tug of war, arm-wrestling 

and weight lifting competition with great 

prizes. In addition, artistes from the Oblast 

philharmonic orchestra put on a concert for 

the Kumkol and Aryskum oil workers.

May 10-13 - Kumkol played host to a 

billiards competition for PKKR employees 

and contractors. 1


 place went to 

Production Shop operator Gali Makhtayev, 



 place - Interteach employee Baurzhan 

Parmenov and 3


 place - 3



operator of Dehydration and Desalting Unit 

Nurlan Ryskulov.

May 11-14 - as part of Victory Day 

celebrations, the Aryskum field put on 

a mini-football competition for PKKR 

departments and contractors. The winner 

was the team PetroKazakhstan-KAM, 2


place went to the TransAvtoDorStroi team 

and 3


 place was awarded to the Shapagat 


May 15 - the winners of the PKOP 

Olympics - 2013 were named. Participants 

competed over five events and after all the 

points had been counted, 1


 place went 

to Commodity Transportation Group, 2



place - Department of Labor Protection, 

Safety and Environment, and 3


 place - the 

team from Workshop №2.

May 16 - the first open meeting of the 

Board of Guardians of the Miloserdiye 

Voluntary Public Fund took place. 

The Board is chaired by B.Issengaliyev, 

PetroKazakhstan Vice-President. 

During the meeting, a memorandum of 

cooperation was signed between the DOM 

Public Fund and Sovereign Welfare Fund 

Samruk-Kazyna. Four new DOM projects 

were also presented: the Give the Children 

with a Life project - to help children 

with ICP, Kazakhstan Without Orphans, 

We Will Win Autism and the Samruk-

Kazyna, Ministry of Health and DOM Fund 

Cooperation Project.

May 16 - PKOP management took part 

in a meeting of shareholders in Beijing to 

discuss the current status of the Shymkent 

Refinery reconstruction and modernisation 

project and the way how it will be financed.

May 20 - as part of International 

Children’s Day, PKKR donated funds to 

build a children’s playground for pupils of 

the Kyzylorda Municipal Orphanage.

May 22-23 - following the 4


 stage of the 

selection process for the PetroKazakhstan 

Scholarship Programe - 2013, of the original 

129 participants, 10 were selected for 

scholarships at the China University of Oil 

and Gas, provided that they will pass their 

UNT examination with at least 75 points.

May 28 - in honour of Children’s Day, 

pupils at the Shapagat rehabilitation centre 

for handicapped children received gifts 

from PetroKazkahstan Kumkol Resources.

May 29 - G.Emberdieva, Senior 

Coordinator, Public Affairs, PKOP LLP, 

participated in State forum of Kazakhstan 

business women “Business women – 

support of the State”, which had been 

held in Shymkent for the first time. 

G.Abdykalikova, adviser to President of RK, 

chairwoman of the National Commission 

for Women Affairs, Family and Demographic 

Policy under the President of RK and 

R.Sarsenbayeva, chairwoman of Business 

Women Association of Kazakhstan, were 

honored guests of the event.


June 1 - PetroKazakhstan Kumkol 

Resources sponsored celebrations in honour 

of International Children’s Day. In the 

Kyzylorda city park of culture and leisure, 

over 1,000 children took part in sports 

competitions and cultural events, received 

gifts and soft toys from PetroKazakhstan. 

The children were also treated to over 7,000 

portions of ice cream.

June 1 - at the celebration of International 

Children’s Day, PetroKazakhstan gave 

school kits to 45 graduates from our 

sponsored kindergarten Balgyn in the 

Zhanakorgan district.

June 5 - the start of the traditional 

children’s charity project Caravan of Joy 

organised by PKKR together with the 

oblast children’s fund Kyzylorda. As part 

of the project, children from 8 children’s 

summer camps throughout the oblast 

and Kyzylorda itself taking part in various 

sporting competitions and cultural events 

will receive gifts from our company (skate 

boards, photo albums, watches and others). 

The aim of the campaign, which lasts for 

all five summer camp seasons is to help 

to organise leisure activities during the 

summer and teach the children the healthy 

way of life.

«Шапағат» балаларына ПҚҚР қызметкерінен сыйлықтар / Подарки от сотрудников ПККР детям из «Шапагата» / 

Presents to Shapagat children from PKKR employees 

In February, PetroKazakhstan sponsored 

participants of the 42


 FIS Alpine World 

Ski Championships, which were held in 

Schladming, Austria. 72 countries were 

represented at the championships. 11 

sets of medals were competed among 

man and woman for: downhill, super-

giant, giant slalom, slalom and super-

combination, as well as medal in the 

team event.

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