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Ex. 24. Speak on the following topics

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Ex. 24. Speak on the following topics.

  1. Which do you prefer – to travel by plane or by plane. Give your reasons.

  2. Tell about advantages of booking tickets in advance.

  3. Tell about your first trip by plane.

Ex. 25. Read the advertisements below and decide what type of holiday each suggests. Then, match the type of holiday with the equipment needed. Finally, say what you would take with you if you went to these places, giving reasons.

Swiss Alps Holidays
Stay in beautiful chalets with real wood fires to keep you warm, even in the worst snowstorm. Equipment and tuition provided for beginners.

Discover Africa
Spend 2-6 weeks travelling through Africa by Land Rover. Our well-trained guides will get you close enough to almost touch the animals.

Devon Breaks
Stay in our modern caravans or bring your own tent. All facilities provided and the lowest prices guaranteed.

Caribbean Islands
Get away from it all for a week or two. Explore the beautiful Caribbean islands on a luxurious yacht. Go diving in the clearest, cleanest waters in the world, or stop off and relax on golden beaches in the shade of palm trees.

Equipment: boots, warm clothes, mosquito repellent, camera, swimming costume, portable gas stove, skis, goggles, flippers, suntan lotion, sunglasses, sandals, sleeping bag, sun hat, tent, light clothes, first-aid kit.

Ex. 26. A travel magazine has invited its readers to send in a description of an interesting place they have visited. Write your description.

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