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Useful language for writing film reviews

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Useful language for writing film reviews
Background: The film is set in …, The film tells the story of …, This work is based on …, etc.
Main points of plot: The plot focuses on …, The plot has an unexpected twist …, The film reaches the dramatic climax …, etc.
General comments: It is rather long/ confusing/ slow etc, The cast is excellent/ weak …, The script is dull/ clever …, It has a tragic/ surprising end …, It is beautifully written …, etc.
Recommendations: Don’t miss it, it will change the way you see …, It is well worth seeing …, I wouldn’t recommend it because …, etc.

Ex. 17. Read this film review and answer the questions: What type of film is being described? What characters are mentioned? What tenses are used? What recommendation does the critic make?
Father of the Bride, directed by Charles Sayer, is a modern remake of the 1950’s film starring Spencer Tracy. This time the role of doting father is played be Steve Martin, and Diane Keaton plays his long-suffering wife.
The story begins with Martin’s daughter announcing her imminent marriage. Reluctant to see his beloved daughter leave the family nest, he feels more like he’s losing a daughter than a gaining a son-in-law.
As preparations for the big day get started, there follows a chain of comic events, helped along by delightful Martin Short, superb as the wedding organizer for the occasion.
Steve Martin gives just as admirable a performance as Tracy did in the original film, and brings his own unique brand of humour to the part.
Father of the Bride is essentially a funny, enjoyable film, suitable for old and young alike. For those of you who like a good chuckle, it’s well worth going to see.

Ex. 18. Read the critic’s review and fill in the gaps with one word. Then read it again and answer the questions:
What is the film about?
Who stars in the film?
Where and when does the story take place?

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