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Ex. 6. Fill in the prepositions or adverbs where necessary

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Ex. 6. Fill in the prepositions or adverbs where necessary.

  1. Mrs. G. hurried …. the platform accompanied …. a porter carrying her baggage. 2. The Platform was …. the moment crowded. 3. The crowd was rushing … different directions. 4. She was burdened … a large quantity of parcels. 5. She searched … her bag … the ticket. 6. Only …. a ticket could she pass … the uniformed guard … the gate. 7. The man ordered: “… right, … rear portion.” 8. She could hardly move … the platform … the carriage. 9. The porter was waiting … the door … a third-class car. 10. Mrs. G handed … the porter his tip which he received … disappointment.

Ex. 7. Divide these words and phrases into two categories: cars and taxis and buses and trains.
get a lift a double decker share a taxi
hitchhike take the underground buy a return ticket
catch the number 9 use public transport pay the fare
put your foot down it’s delayed go on the sleeper
miss your connection change at Swindon sit on the top deck
a buffet car stuck in a traffic jam get on/off
get in/out of a bus lane hail a taxi
a taxi rank sit in the passenger seat reserve a first class seat miss the inter city express

Ex. 8. What’s the difference between the following?
a. bus and coach
b. train and tram
c. helicopter and hovercraft
d. passenger and pedestrian
e. travel and commute

Ex. 9. Which word goes with all three sentences in each section? You may need to change the tense of the word:
take ride drive catch

  1. At the weekend I love to __________ into the country on my bike.

We went on a __________ in a helicopter last week.
The bus __________ from the airport was very pleasant.

  1. The quickest way to get here is to __________ a taxi.

We __________ the 12.45 to Milan, and changed there.
How long does it __________ to get there?

  1. Hurry up! We’ll be late if we don’t __________ the next bus.

I’ll have to go I’m afraid. I have a train to __________.
If we don’t leave before 5 we’ll be __________ in a traffic jam.

  1. It’s a wonderful __________ through the mountains into Switzerland.

I learned to __________ with my dad, and passed my test four days after
my seventeenth birthday.
Do you need a special license to __________ a minibus?

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