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Complete these paragraphs with the correct subject pronoun or possessive adjective

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3.Complete these paragraphs with the correct subject pronoun or possessive adjective.
1.This is Tom. He is my friend. His last name is Rogers. ____ is from Washington, DC. ______ family is very interesting. ______ father is a singer. ____ is famous. ____ mother is a dancer. _____ is famous, too. ____ twin sisters are actresses and ____ are talented. _____ names are Tina and Lena.
2. My name is Amal. ____ am from Jordan. ___ religion is Moslem. ____ am 23 years old. _____ husband is a business executive and ____ am a student. ___ family is large. ____ four brothers are all students. ____ are in college in Jordan. ____ teachers are happy because ____ are smart. ____ four sisters are in Jordan, too. Three are married and one is single. ____ last name is Al-Zeer. ______ parents are proud of all _____ children.
4.Choose the correct word.
1. I/my children are in school now.
2. We/our are students at university.
3. It/its is cold today.
4. You/your class is on the first floor.
5. They/their favorite car is Mercedes.
6. She/her major is biology.
7. He/his is from Japan.
III Daily routine
Exercise 1. Read the text twice.
Greg’s Daily Routine
Greg is an American boy. He lives in Arlington, Texas. He lives with his family in a modern house. He is eleven years old and he has got an older brother, Alex, and a younger sister, Emma.
He starts his day at about half past six. He gets up, goes to the bathroom, takes a shower, brushes his teeth and get dressed. Then he has breakfast and at a quarter to seven he leaves home and catches the bus to school.
Classes begin at half past seven. He usually has lunch at the school canteen at half past twelve. After school, at a quarter past five, he goes home. There he does his school homework and when he finishes it he helps his Mum laying the table. At half past seven the family dines together.
Greg is a very helpful boy, so he helps his mother cleaning up everything after dinner.
He usually watches TV for a while after dinner and at about ten o’clock the most he brushes his teeth again, puts on his Spider Man pajamas and goes to bed. His parents always kiss him good night before he gets asleep. Greg is a very happy boy!
Exercise 2. True or False.

  1. Greg is an American boy.

  2. Greg lives in a modern flat.

  3. Greg is eleven years old.

  4. Greg has got two brothers.

  5. Greg wakes up at eight o’clock.

  6. Greg walks to school.

  7. Greg classes begin at half past eight.

  8. Greg and his family have dinner at half past seven.

Exercise 3. Match the antonyms



Exercise 4. Answer the questions

  1. Where does Greg live?

  2. What’s his sister’s name?

  3. What time does he wake up?

  4. Does he have breakfast at home?

  5. What time does he leave home?

  6. Where does he have lunch?

  7. When does he return home?

  8. Does he do his homework at school or at home?

  9. Is he a helpful boy?

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