Календарно-тематическое планирование на умк family and Friends 1

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КТП 2 кл Family and friends 2022-2023

Long vowels: ee
Tree cheese
Green feet

Reading: an information text (reading and understanding a leaflet about a school visit to a farm; finding specific, information in a text)
Listening: listening for rules (matching pictures to rules)
Speaking: Don’t open the gate, (giving positive and negative rules)
Writing: using and to connect sentences; Workbook – writing about a farm visit (guided writing)

We’re all different
(respecting the similarities & differences between people)

Respecting animals & the natural world

Look at he photos!



Core: kind, naughty, wet, dry, fridge, photo

Tidying up
Core: tidy, untidy, floor, rubbish
Extra: duck, each, play (n), year, wolf, hood, costume, scary, proud, act M, hard work, brilliant, ready, tidy up

Past simple:
I/He/She was happy.
I/He/She wasn’t naughty.
You were kind.
They weren’t dry.

Short & long vowels
Cub cube
Tap tape
Pip pipe

Reading: a newspaper article (reading and understanding a school newspaper article; reading for specific details)
Listening: identifying people from their descriptions
Speaking: He was a lion (in the school play), (talking about what people were in a play that took place in the past)
Writing: and’/or. Workbook – writing about me and my friends (guided writing)

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