Календарно-тематическое планирование на умк family and Friends 1

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Let’s be kind & good
(sharing, helping, & playing together)

Understanding the ways people change & develop

Well done!



Core: man, men, woman, women, child, children

Ordinal numbers
Core: first, second, third, fourth
Extra: prize-giving, prize, winner, some, any, race, heavy, lose, runner,

Past simple:

There were some teachers.

There weren’t any children.

Irregular plurals

Ng / nk

Ng: ring king swing

Nk: bank sink pink

Reading: a fairytale (reading and understanding a fairytale; developing comprehension skills)
Listening: identifying actions and emotions (ordering the events in a story)
Speaking: What’s Suzy doing? She’s… Is she sad? No, she isn’t. She’s… (describing what someone / something is doing; asking and answering questions about feelings)
Writing: irregular plurals; Workbook – writing about a school open day (guided writing)

Let’s remember the values
(being aware of good & helpful ehavior)

Congratulating people on their achievements

Fluency Time! 5

Playing Games


Project: a card game

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