Календарно-тематическое планирование на умк family and Friends 1

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КТП 2 кл Family and friends 2022-2023

Review of CVC words: a e i o u
A: cat van
E: peg bed
I: bin fig
O: mop dog
U: bus jug

Reading: information on a webpage (reading and understanding information on a webpage; choosing the correct information from the text)
Listening: identifying outdoor toys (numbering objects in the correct order)
Speaking: Where’s the skateboard? It’s in front of the table, (asking and answering questions about where things are)
Writing: using a/an; Workbook – writing about what I can and can’t do (guided writing)

Sports & safety
(practicing sports safely)
Encouraging & helping people to be brave

Fluency Time! 1

Classroom language


Project: a school word wheel

Review 1


Review of vocabulary and structures from Units 1-3

Have you got a milkshake?



Core: salad, fries, pizza, milkshake, cheese sandwich, chicken

Numbers 20-100
Core: fen, twenty, thirty, forty, fifty, sixty, seventy, eighty, ninety, one hundred
Extra: don’t worry, naughty, start (v + n), easy, if, try, number, high, done, much, olive, sure, buy

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